Support and operate the conservation and education programs in managed facilities and in the biodiversity, with an emphasis on management, protection and scientific research.
NBrCc creates a sustainable future for biodiversity. We generate and effectively invest resources to support biodiversity conservation, education, research, and management programs. Through our passion, expertise, knowledge, and partnerships we inspire and engage people to ensure a vibrant future with elephants everywhere.

Following are the objectives  of NBrCc

• Fund raising and undertaking the projects for conservation initiatives and researches.
• Organizing workshops/ training/ seminars/ and conferences regarding biodiversity issues.
• Publishing relevant articles of different conservationists and researchers through newsletter and journal.
• Support freelancers/ students/ conservationists technically and financially for the conservation and research of  biodiversity in terms of the thesis/ case studies/ individual research.
• Evoking conservationist in research respecting them through award.

Priority Areas

• Chitwan-Annapurna Landscape (CHAL)
• Sacred Himalayan Landscape and Eastern Himalayas
• All National Parks and Wildlife Reserves
• District Forests and Community Forests
• Tarai Arc Landscape
• Central Himalayas in Nepal